October 1, 2012

Website Now Live!

Today's been a busy day for the website! I've been hard at work making sure all of the pages are live, and everything is all put together. Feel free to look around and enjoy all of the current stops!
Places I would recommend visiting:
The Mystery of Taconum Carnival: This is the novel I'll be pushing at New York Comic-Con. Those of you who have known me for a while know that this book was a special release a few years back. I've reworked a couple of style changes (but the plot, which was a huge hit, is still the same) and am now making it available to everybody. The print version is now up on Amazon; the e-book version will be out before Comic-Con on the 11th of this month.
Rhythm Buster 200X: I would recommend buying a hard copy of this book. Why? It's not that I'm trying to pass on my ego, or saying that e-books are bad (note above where I'm releasing Taconum Carnival as an e-book). I'm saying that because the experience of holding the print version of RB200X will be MUCH different than reading an e-book. First of all, as you can see, the book cover emulates a video game cover. The back cover, spine, and inside of the book also emulate a video game, which you won't be able to see in the eventual e-book version. In addition, the book time skips, and each time skip is marked with a different font. (This is a reason I will eventually recommend the Cosmic print versions as well, but RB200X even more so.)
Almond Dust: There is a lot of information up about the process that went into making last year's album, in addition to a link that takes you right to iTunes. If you are interested in any of my other music, the 'Music Store' stop will take you to BandCamp. You can listen for free there, and some of the tracks are free to download. Have fun!

More will be coming all the time, so make sure to stay tuned.


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