October 17, 2012

Thank You!

Wow, now that it's Tuesday and I can think clearly again, I wanted to take just a minute to thank you all for making New York Comic-Con such a success! I can't count a time when I didn't have THAT much fun in one weekend.

I shared a booth in small press with the lovely Tamsin Silver (in the middle; I'm on the left with Victini) and the crazy John Hartness (not in the picture, probably because he was talking to the booth babes). We spent all four days talking to people, taking pictures, and being generally awesome.

I'm happy to say that all of my Cosmic special editions sold out at the con! That also means if you want to read Cosmic, you'll have to wait until the release date is announced, along with more information. (The Workbook doesn't count -- the story itself has finally been edited and sent back and forth to betas.)

I do still have a few copies of Taconum Carnival and RB200X left, though -- which can only mean one thing: that online giveaways are in the works! Keep your eyes here, as I'll have them up soon.

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  1. hey emily! i'm milton nice to meet you, we met at comic con actually! your friend on the right stopped me and my brother for a picture, she then gave me a copy of one of your short stories "novelette" it was Paper doll! To be honest I fell in love with it and it got me to tear up a bit at the end when Shawna ran out of batteries. But when I finished I decided to look you up and find out more about you, so here I am :P I also wanted to tell you for my english class I'm going to be writing a mini biography about you for an assignment given to me today. Thank you for writing an amazing short story and widening my imagination for my own writing, Best wishes for the future! keep writing! -Milton
    P.S. can you please respond so I know you read this? Thank you :)