November 5, 2012

New eBooks!

I've made a couple of small changes to the website, including modifications to the text to try to make it a bit easier to read. I hate bringing attention to these details, but I wanted to let you know I'm doing something about it. The map above the entries is also fully-functional; use that from now on to get from page to page.

I also wanted to let everybody know that there are two new eBooks available on iTunes! The first one is Taconum Carnival, available for the first time. I'm super excited that it's now available on iTunes for everybody to read, for the super-low price of $.99. So you really have no excuse.

If you think you have an excuse for not reading Taconum Carnival, then you really have no excuse for downloading the other book available, because it's free! The long-loved Paper Doll, a special giveaway at NYCC that will never again be in print on its own, is now available on iTunes as a free eBook. Yes, I said free -- it was free back at NYCC, and now it's free for you to download and enjoy! (Again, no excuse).

Once you've downloaded Paper Doll, you can go over to Goodreads and review it, let everybody know what you thought! These two books are also set to hit the Nook website; I will let you know immediately when that happens.

Happy reading!