September 14, 2013

NYCC Planning Post

What were we doing again? Oh, right, that NYCC thing.

I will be back at New York Comic-Con again this year! This is both the most fascinating and the most scary thing to happen in a long time. 
The con will be from October 10-13 at the Javits here in New York City. If you will be going, I would love it if you stopped by. Last year was a learning experience, and I hope to go in this year with a better image of what I want to promote. Of course, this means you're all getting a huge slice of Dvorak, with some Dealey Five whipped cream on the top. The Dvorak series has been particularly popular so far, and my goal for this year is to get as many people as I can to know about it.

Before the con, a new Dvorak website (a subdomain of at this point) will be launching with all of the information up through Act 1. Starting with Act 2, the serial will update there instead of here (and it will always be simulcast on Wattpad). The pens will be back (because, seriously, who doesn't love free pens!), as well as copies of Dvorak Classic in print. Rhythm Buster 200X: Blue Impulse and The Mystery of Taconum Carnival will be available for a discounted price.

I will keep updating as we get closer to the exact event, including special promotions and our booth location. Hope to see you there!

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