August 9, 2012

Welcome to The Official Website!

You'll see updates here, I'm sure; I hope that they will be often, but not so often they're annoying.

From now on, this will be my official page. Do you like the colors? They're from the release of Trinitarium back in 2007. Was it really that long ago? I hope to have the rest of the music up soon.

So let me give you a quick introduction. My name is Emily Ann Imes, and I focus on two arts: music and writing. You'll find both of those here. At the moment, most of my music is up under the link; quick summaries of my books are up, but as of right now there are no links. I hope to have that fixed soon! (Part of that is that only one of the books is for sale at the moment.)

Feel free to go over to the music section and give yourself a listen. If you do like the music, please let me know!

Good listening,

August 3, 2012

Test Post

Welcome to the site!

If you don't see anything...yeah, do me a favor and let me know.