Contacts and Links

How To Contact Me

Email -- this is the most direct way to get to me. I check my email all of the time.
Twitter -- listed under the SOSICapSid handle. I tweet about nearly anything and everything. My latest updates go here as well.
This is my Facebook page. It doesn't get a lot of love or attention, but it does exist.
The Dvorak Facebook page is here. It gets much more love than my actual page does. :D
My Wattpad Profile -- Um, yeah, hi. I LOVE Wattpad. It's a story-sharing site where the culture has flourished and is beautiful and wonderful. Dvorak is published here weekly.

Where To Find My Work

The aforementioned Wattpad for Dvorak, and also for fanfiction and writing tips
SoundCloud for all of my latest music, usually unreleased on iTunes or Bandcamp.
BandCamp for free downloads of most of my music (except for the stuff on iTunes).
Amazon Print for print versions of my books (including Dvorak Classic)
iTunes (Emily Ann Imes) and iTunes (Emily Imes) link to all of my books, and Almond Dust and Reclaim, my most recent CDs.

People I Know

If you want your website to be listed here, get to know me first. I'm pretty selective as the links I put up here. If you ask, the chance I won't pick you doubles.

In no particular order:
Leela Petrie -- NaNoWriMo writer and video effects student
Autumn Kirchman -- fashion designer
Stilts Out Loud -- fantasy writer and anime blogger
GingerSass -- local educator and women's blogger
Lea Kaplan -- NaNoWriMo writer and graphic design student
Beth Revis -- published with Penguin and one of my writing fairy godmothers
Lauren DeStefano -- published with Simon & Schuster and the other of my writing fairy godmothers

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